Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 Way Glue Pen (item# 100425 - 3.50)

Have you ever wonder why Stampin' Up's glue is called "2 Way"?  Well it can be used two ways.  It can be used for a Permanent bond and /or a Temporary bond.

When you first get your glue pen the tip will be white.

Push and hold the tip down until it turns blue.  Once you see the blue it is ready to be used.

Ready to be used!  Always replace the cap so it doesn't dry out!

If you want a permanent bond adhere the glue to your object and while the glue is blue, make your bond immediately. 

If you want a temporary bond, (same as a post it note) then you add the glue to your object and wait until the glue turns from blue to clear.  Once it is clear it will be tacky, a removable adhesive. This is great for making a mask or using on your stencils.

Some great features of the 2 Way Glue Pen are:
  • Can be used for permanent bond or a temporary bond
  • Dries quickly
  • Great for adhering glitter
  • Chisel tip
  • Washes off with soap and water.


Anonymous said...

how did you find out? that is so neat. Now, i know why my glitters never stay...thanks for the tips.

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