Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Can you believe it is the end of November already?  I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My father came up to visit and eat .  We ate Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Yams, Mac N Cheese, Corn, Brussel Sprouts, "Angel" eggs, and lots of dessert. 

I'm so thankful for many things in life.  My Lord and Saviour the Most, Jesus is my life and without him I wouldn't have or be anything.  My family is next.  I have a wonderful, loving husband and two beautiful kids. 

Soon before you know it, it will be Christmas.  I am hoping to treat myself to a new video camera so I can make some new stampin' videos, and get serious about blogging.  I would to post something new and teach you all something new everyday!!!  That would be a wonderful goal to set for 2011.

Well I have lots of online shopping to do, so I will talk to you all soon!



Monday, November 1, 2010

No Longer A Stampin' Up Demonstrator

Well I've decided to give up my Stampin' Up Demonstratorship!  I will miss a lot of things about Stampin' Up, but I believe the Lord is laying out another path for me to follow.  I will continue to stamp and use Stampin Up products, but I will just have to buy them from a demonstrator.  I don't want to leave any of my customers stranded so if you would like to order some Stampin Up product online from a demonstrator you can shoot me an email and I will give you a name of a great demonstrator I know that leaves here locally near me.  You may also go to and locate the nearest demonstrator near you, but if you order through a demonstrator online your prices will be the same as the prices in the catalog.  If you just go to and place an order there your prices will be higher.

I started a new job today, and I'm very excited and yet so many "New" things are happening right now in my life.  Hopefully soon I will have my hands on a video camera so I may record some new videos, atleast once a week would be nice. If there is anything you want to learn how to do, please shoot me an email.

Thank you all for your business!  Continue to stamp and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you!