Monday, September 6, 2010


Designer Fabric Tote

Accessories and Tools

•Chantilly 1/2" Crochet Trim
•Deck the Halls Designer Fabric:
◦Lining: 14" x 24"
◦Outside bottom: 10-1/2" x 14"; two at 7-1/2" x 14"
◦Handles: two at 4" x 28"
•Deck the Halls Big Designer Buttons
•Big Shot
•Flower Folds Bigz XL Die
•Perfect Setting Bigz XL Die
•Beige thread
•Sage thread
•Cotton batting
•Beige fabric
•Décor-Bond by Pellon

INSTRUCTIONS (provided by Stampin' Up!)

1.Zigzag-stitch sides of the crochet trim together until you have created a big enough piece of fabric to run through the Big Shot. 2. Run crochet trim "fabric," beige fabric, and cotton batting through Big Shot using Flower Folds Bigz XL Die cutting one 3-3/4" flower, one 3" flower, and one 2-1/2" flower. Sew crochet trim "fabric," cotton batting, and beige fabric together to create three 3-D flowers.

3.Iron Décor Bond to wrong side of each piece of 4" x 28" fabric. Fold in half with right sides facing and sew along long sides, making handles the width you desire (ours are 3/4" wide). Turn fabric; iron flat and top stitch.

4.Create three ruffles for each side of bag by cutting four layers of each of the Deck the Halls fabric using the Big Shot and Perfect Settings Bigz XL Die (cupcake liner). Sew two ruffles together for each ruffle and sew to each side of the bag.

5.Sew Chantilly 1/2" Crochet Trim on the top of the bag.

6.To create outside bottom of bag, sew a 7-1/2" x 14" piece to each side of 10-1/2" x 14" piece to create a 14" x 24" rectangle. Iron Décor-Bond to wrong side of outside bag bottom.

7.Iron Décor-Bond on the inside of bag top. Sew bag bottom to bag top.

8.Fold lining in half and sew the side seams. Sew across corners at 2-1/2" to create gusset for the bottom of the bag. Repeat for the outside of bag. Turn outside of bag right-side out and slide lining inside. Fold the top of the bag down and top stitch closed, adding the handles as you do this.

9.Crisscross piece of Chantilly 1/2" Crochet Trim through Big Designer Button.

10.Attach flower to base of handle using Chantilly 1/2" Crochet Trim.



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